Michael Dunn's TAPI Site - FAQ

This section includes reformatted posts that contained useful information, notes that I have written up, things like that.

Other FAQ Sites
Andraes Marschall's TAPI and TSPI FAQ is currently the largest TAPI FAQ, a great storehouse of information.
Unofficial TAPI FAQ is Bruce Pennypacker's TAPI FAQ. A good place to start for new user questions.
Grant Schenck Software is the homepage of a TAPI Guru, and has an introductory PowerPoint presentation course for TAPI.
The Caller ID FAQ contains general information about how Caller ID works in TAPI, including a list of programs and modems that support Caller ID.

Common Questions
This section is just a few reformatted posts from the TAPI newsgroup. A few answers to common questions.
Tips for getting TAPI 2.1 Client/Server working
Using PASSTHROUGH mode (to send AT commands) and MODEMSETTINGS
List of telephony cards and companies
Definition of a TSP
A Map between TAPI and TSPI functions
Installing the TAPI Debug Binaries
Compiling Platform SDK Samples
Telephony and the Windows Registry

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