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TAPI stands for the Telephony Application Programming Interface. It is one of a few standard ways for applications and telephony hardware to interact in a Windows environment. It is intended to be generic, working on analog modems, ISDN, PBXs, telephony cards, H.323, and other platforms. As a TAPI developer who is quite active in the TAPI newsgroups I found it hard to find TAPI resources, even though I knew they were there. This page is intended partially as a FAQ, but also as a jumping off point to the other TAPI resources out there.  I am no longer active in the TAPI community, but still maintain this web page.


As of Spring 2005, I am now working for a new company.  Although I am still involved with telephony, I am no longer doing anything TAPI related in my daily job.  This means my presence in the newsgroups, which has been low for some time, will now cease.  That being said, I am still doing TAPI contracting for custom project, please feel free to contact me.

For four years I was a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional). This is an award in recognition for the volunteer effort that I did in the Microsoft newsgroups. It gave me contacts within Microsoft and allowed me to occasionally act as a limited liaison. MVPs are active in the newsgroups, and help out as much as possible.  Although I am not currently an MVP I still maintain some contacts and I support the other MVPs that are active in the newsgroups.

TAPI 3.0 is only available in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. TAPI 3.1 is only available in Windows XP. All versions of Windows can use TAPI 2.1 (although Windows 95 requires an upgrade). Please note that Unimodem only handles TAPI 1.4, so if you are using a modem you must either be using TAPI 1.4 (for all OSs) or 3.0 (only for 2000/XP). There are no plans to bring TAPI 3 support to any other currently available OS.  Longhorn (the next Windows OS) will have TAPI support although it is not clear how strong that support will be.

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If there are any TAPI or telephony files or links that you have that think should go on this site, or if there are any errors or broken links, please feel free to contact me at tapi@[this domain]. Do not ask me questions in email. Instead you can ask them in the TAPI newsgroup, where many people can help, not just myself. See my Email Guidelines for more information.

Feel free to link to my page or reprint information, however I request that you inform me if you are going to do so. I'm curious how far this information spreads.

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Created: May 24th, 1999
Updated: May 14th, 2005
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